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This wiki will contain info mainly on the different Fakemon found in Pekin's Ruby Hack.

Check further down the page for a download link. And feel free to check out my new project, Fakemon FireRed! Fakemon FireRed will include more features, (namely the physical/special split with visual indicators) higher quality fakemon and probably some more stuff down the road. Right now, it's still a very new project, though. And because I don't want to work on both hacks, I think it's safe to say that I'm done working on this one, so don't expect any more updates.

Pekin's Ruby Hack


Pekin's Ruby Hack is a ROM Hack of Pokémon Ruby. Its main feature is the 197 original fakemon implemented into the hack. The storyline is still Pokémon Ruby, and the region is still Hoenn - although with a few extra areas added to the map. Other features include:

  • The addition of three new types: Cosmic, Digital and Fairy.
  • Day/Night system.
  • Running indoors.
  • Reusable TMs.
  • New moves and changes to TMs and HMs.
  • New evolution stones.

Useful links

What to do if the hack doesn't work for you

If you run into any issues with the hack, here I've made a tiny little "FAQ" section, (only without the actual questions left out) because it seems most people who have messaged me have run into the same issues.

  • Make sure you're using the .ips patch provided in the above download link.
  • Make sure you've patched the .ips onto a clean Ruby ROM. I have seen people patch a newer version of my hack onto a .gba file that had already been patched with an older version. This will mess your ROM up.
  • Make sure you're using the correct Ruby ROM. This is by far the most common problem I've seen, because there are quite a few different Ruby versions out there. If you find a version called "Ruby (U) v1.0" or something along those lines, it should work.
    • Because the "Ruby (U) v1.0" version is practically impossible to find anywhere by now, I've made a new patch, which should work with the "MUGS" version of Ruby, which is allegedly easier to find. I haven't tested this patch other than to check that the game does, in fact, start. See above for the download link to the new patch.
  • As a last resort, feel free to message me on reddit, and I'll try my best to help you.

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